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American Fire Protection Systems ("AFPS"), Inc has a noted reputation for inspecting and installing state-of-the-art fire safety equipment. With over 500 finished projects within its portfolio, AFPS has the credibility to offer wise counsel and customized projects. Led by Simon Farahdel, the Director of Business Development of AFPS and an honoree in the 2011 edition of "Who's Who among Executives and Professionals," the company also recognizes that proper maintenance is an integral part of fire safety. Which means, we have the resources, experience and trained professionals to successfully maintain fire sprinklers for the long-term. In comparison, other companies treat maintenance as an afterthought; they do not invest themselves in the critical task of making safety a constant priority.

AFPS believes that installation of fire sprinklers is just one of many facets for homeowners and businesses. We sustain our relationships with clients, reminding them of the value of acknowledging the lifesaving equipment in their homes and the advantages of testing (and retesting) and always maintaining fire sprinklers. According to Mr. Farahdel: "Maintenance is a key component to any fire safety plan. Without it - without a way to accurately gauge the efficacy of existing equipment, and make repairs wherever necessary - clients will not get the best return on their purchase of fire sprinklers and other related equipment. Hence our careful review and customized approach to guaranteeing that all fire sprinklers meet our own rigid criteria.

This philosophy is at the center of everything AFPS does, from offering FREE consultations to overseeing complex projects for clients in specialized industries throughout Southern California. In each of these situations, maintenance is a way to reassure clients that they have a qualified, respected and credible partner to help them. Complemented by Mr. Farahdel's insight and the ready availability of his staff, AFPS has the resources - and portfolio of work - to verify a fire sprinkler system is in the right working order. That business principle has its own unofficial motto: "Together We Can Save Lives and Protect Property." AFPS upholds this oath with pride, strength of character and clarity. By these standards, AFPS is the proven brand for maintaining existing fire safety equipment.

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Client Reviews

The single and best impression was the honesty and straight up answers and solutions that Simon came up with. He gave me choices with Pros & Cons and kept me informed on timeline, costs, etc. There were no second guessing-Price was fair, and work was completed in a timely fashion. I could not ask for more.
Douglas N
Director of Operations, Upper Crust Enterprises
Everything was taken care of promptly and to our full satisfaction. There were no unpleasant surprises. Every promise made was delivered. I'm glad I selected AFPS due to their professional, friendly and efficient manner. Choosing AFPS should be a no-brainer for anyone.
Don F
Controller, All Source Container
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the hard work installing our fire sprinkler system in our building. Your team was very professional and handled everything (i.e. design, permits).
Amos N
Aura Systems, Inc
AFPS has worked for us since 2005. During this period you have consistently provided a first class, reliable and complete fire protection service. You and your employees have always responded quickly to any inquiry raised and delivered a quality and effective service.
Sam R
HFL Solutions, Inc
Sprinkler system installation is a specialist market; we therefore like to use the experts. We utilize the expertise of American Fire Protection Systems at the design stage and during installation with regular team meetings, resulting in a bespoke, high quality installation every time.
Donna L.
DL Design Architects
Thank you for the work you have done for us to date. Over the years, we have used a number of companies for the installation and servicing of our fire protection equipment, but none has compared to AFPS.
Aaron E.
Crown Pacific Builders
The main benefits of working with American Fire Protection are, 1) the schedule was met as requested, 2) the work was quality, and 3) Most importantly, this price was right .
Josh T
Forza Construction
We have worked with American Fire Protection Systems for some time. They win our contracts because as well as being competitively priced, we know that their service and quality of work is good.
Jun K.
ST Oil Investments
American Fire Protection had their crews on-site to install our fire sprinkler system when we needed them. The invoices and lien releases were clear, so paying was so simple. When I'd call, I normally got my call answered to returned within an hour.
David K.
David Construction
We've been working with American Fire Protection for so long that we feel like they are part of the family... That's the kind of relationship we wish we had with all our business partners.
A. Hamel
Hamel Construction
Many of our service contracts with our customers require sprinkler system inspections. American Fire's timely response has aided in providing our customers with the quality they expect from us.
Nasser F
Silver Management
I think the thing I appreciate most about the service I get from American Fire is the personal attention. When I call up to the office, I hear a friendly voice that knows who I am, will help me schedule the work that needs to be done
Michael H.
GRC Properties



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