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Fire sprinkler systems have been the most effective form of fire protection for decades. But in order to serve us efficiently, it must be inspected and tested. There is a need to maintain the systems in compliance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association.

Your fire protection service has been designed such that in the event of a fire, it provides you with an adequate warning so that you can evacuate and stop the spread of fire and finally extinguish the fire. But for this to happen, it is necessary to test the system on a regular basis.

Fire sprinkler systems need to be tested regularly since they need to be available on demand at all times. This is to ensure that the fire sprinkler systems respond as required during a fire emergency. Written records of all fire sprinkler system inspections must be maintained in accordance with NFPA 25. In addition to inspections, fire sprinkler systems should be tested and tagged regularly.

In order to test the fire protection system, each component of the fire protection system needs to be subjected to a series of tests. For a standard water-based fire protection system testing, fire sprinklers are tested to ensure proper pressure and that there are no leaks. The sprinkler heads are tested to make ensure that the heat detector element and sprinkler head are functional and there fire alarms are tested to ensure that they are operating correctly.

On our staff, we have well-trained servicepersons. We have inspectors who inspect, test and maintain your fire sprinkler systems and make them compliant with State and Municipal requirements. We recommend following NFPA25, the National Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, as the basis to ensure proper performance of system components

Our inspections are performed by our team of highly trained fire sprinkler system service professionals and not by subcontractors. Thus, we control the quality of our fire sprinkler system inspection jobs and thereby ensure that you get the best customer service possible.

At American Fire Protection Systems, we are ready to meet your emergency needs, to handle special projects, tenant repairs, inspections, and installations.

Please use our convenient toll-free number at 888-570-8828 to request our services.

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