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Benefits of Installing Home Fire Sprinklers - americanfireinc

americanfire August 10, 2016 No Comments

According to a report from  National Fire Protection Association, it is a startling fact that 85% of all U.S. fire deaths occur at home. Further, the U.S fire department responded to such unforeseen incidents of  fire every 24 seconds. For every 86 seconds, fire is reported from home sector and eight out of 10 fire deaths occur from home. Most of us are not aware of about these kinds of dangers at home but it is quite useful to know details about it.

At the same time, fire fighters believe that Fire sprinkler system can be effectively used at home to reduce the occurrences of such unforeseen events.  The system work as follows;

  • Fire sprinkler discharges water upon detecting the signals of fire, such as when a predetermined temperature exceeds.
  • Fire sprinklers suppress and often turn off the fire before fire service personnel arrives, giving chance to family to escape.
  • Fire sprinklers help in dousing fire, preventing property damage by saving lives in offices, factories, schools and other public places.
  • Fire Sprinklers can increase the chance of surviving out of fire danger and reduces damage to buildings.

Home fire sprinklers include a network of pipes filled with water that are installed behind the walls and ceilings, individual sprinklers are placed along with the pipes. If fire breaks out, air temperature above the fire rises, and the sprinkler activates when the air temperature gets high. The sprinkler sprays water over the flames, extinguishing it completely in most cases. Only the sprinkler nearest the fire activates. Smoke will not activate.

In summary, here are six reasons to Install a Fire Sprinklers at home;

1.Small size
Fire sprinklers for residential settings occupies lesser space as compared to other commercial sprinklers.
Some of them can also be concealed by ceiling plates, ensures that they will not damage the beauty of home.

2.Immediate rescue from fire
Unlike other alarms, which only alert in case there is a fire, sprinkler systems actually extinguish the fire,
thus by reducing the extent of damage to property and increasing safety.

3. Water Savings
By the study it is found that, firefighters use about 3000 gallons on average to put out a fire in a residential setting.
On the other hand, Fire sprinklers use only around 340 gallons, making them a better option as it uses much lesser water.

4. Sprinkler activates individually
Sprinkler heads activates individually only over the area of fire. Only the closest sprinkler to the fire will activates
by spraying water directly on the fire.

5. Sprinklers will activate within 30 to 60 seconds
More time in waiting for firefighters means more risk in damage to the property. Fire sprinklers will activate within 30 to 60 seconds
from when fire happens. Which is faster than other firefighters can respond.

6. Sprinklers are activated by heat, not by smoke
It is very common of getting smoke in home from a freshly snuffed candle or burned toast. Smoke will not accidentally trigger the Fire Sprinklers.
Sprinklers will activates only on getting heat.

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