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Why Fire Sprinkler 3D Designs Are Important for Fire Protection Systems? How to Choose the Best Fire Sprinkler Design Software
americanfire January 3, 2022 No Comments

Fire Sprinkler Designs using a 3D model or Business Information Modeling (BIM) provides more detailed and precise drawings to improve ease of construction planning, visualization, and coordination. An accurate 3D depiction of the design is necessary to analyze the project and build the system. A decent fire sprinkler design software helps you to boost your […]

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Complexity of Fire Sprinkler System Design Requires Technical and Professional Expertise
americanfire October 18, 2013 No Comments

Fire sprinkler system is required regardless of the purpose of the building.  This will ensure any fire (if started) will be brought under control within minimum time.  Damages to property can be reduced as much as possible.  Spreading of fire is delayed to certain extent till fire fighters arrive or if possible extinguished in time.  […]

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Installation of Fire Sprinkler System for Fire Safety
americanfire April 19, 2012 No Comments

What is Fire Sprinkler System? A fire sprinkler system is a tool designed to protect lives and properties it is supposed to provide 24/7 protection against fire emergencies.  Fire sprinklers are connected to a water distribution system with adequate pressure and flow rate. In the beginning,  Fire sprinklers were used only for large commercial buildings, and factories.  […]

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Fire Sprinkler System for Better Fire Safety and Fire Protection
americanfire March 10, 2012 3 Comments

The intensity of the fire accidents that occur at home can be reduced by fire sprinklers.  Fire accidents usually occur at night.  What starts off as a tiny flame can cause total destruction of the place in a few minutes.  Fire sprinklers help to extinguish and suppress the fire thereby buying the family members’ precious […]

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