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What Is The Purpose and Benefits Of Doing Fire Protection Inspection On Regular Basis - americanfireinc

americanfire April 9, 2013 No Comments

Los Angeles is a city with numerous offices, homes, schools, hospitals etc. A fire is one of the worst disasters that one can face. One could end up losing valuable property or worse, one’s life, in a fire. Hence it is important that fire sprinklers are available in all Los Angeles buildings. Once the sprinklers are in place, fire protection inspection in Los Angeles is of utmost priority in any setting.

Emergencies have a way of turning up without any advance notice! Hence inspection should be completed on a regular basis. An inspection is a quick check that ensures that everything is in working order. A Fire protection maintenance is different from a fire protection inspection. Fire protection inspection in Los Angeles should be taken up typically once a month whereas maintenance is a more detailed operation. It needs to be completed much less frequently than inspection.

There are many different kinds of fire protection systems offered by various businesses. This makes it very difficult to monitor them all, But some general guidelines need to be followed and these guidelines need not depend on the type of fire extinguisher you are using and it does not depend on the manufacturer either. Just the mere presence of a fire extinguisher does not make up a fire protection system. Complete fire protection means you are prepared to meet any kind of fire emergency.

So let us see how to go about with this level of preparedness. Start with making sure that all the equipment is in order. If there are any refill parts, they should be filled during an inspection. If you notice that there are parts that are damaged, then the damaged parts should be replaced. Equally important is for you should look for any possible leaks, dents or other such visible and physical signs of damage.

The Fire Safety Inspection consists of various components- Inspection (which may be a visual examination to verify that it appears to be in operating condition and is free of physical damage). This is followed by testing – Physical tests are conducted to test the functional status of the equipment. Then there is maintenance- This includes work performed to keep equipment operable or make repairs

It is important to take care of other things apart from the usability of the equipment. For example, does everyone know where the fire extinguisher is kept? Does everyone know how to use it? Is it stored in a place that is easily accessible? Make sure that mock fire drills receive the attention they deserve.

The annual Fire Safety Inspection in Los Angeles, is required by law, and it is also one of the lowest-cost resources available to protect your property and the health and lives of those who visit your business or occupy your premises.

A fire safety inspection not only saves lives and property but has other advantages too. A properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system can save lives and lower insurance costs.

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