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Importance of Periodical Fire Sprinkler System Inspection in Fire Safety - americanfireinc

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A well-maintained and well-functioning fire sprinkler system is essential to protect your business.  Fire protection systems are incredibly effective and essential to save lives and properties from such unforeseen circumstances.  But these systems need to be periodically inspected and maintained to avoid potentially costly expenses in your business operations.  There are many reasons for fire sprinkler systems to stop operating properly at a time one needs them most.  Here are a few common reasons;

  • reduced city water pressure
  • malfunctions of pressure gauges
  • clogged water valves
  • worn out parts or parts that past their effective life cycle

Inspections of Fire Sprinkler Systems save Lives

fire sprinkler system inspection

In the event of a fire, a well-maintained sprinkler system will save lives and protect your property. This can be accomplished through routine fire sprinkler system inspections, in both home and businesses.

Wet-pipe and dry-pipe sprinklers are the two most common types of sprinkler systems.  The key distinction is that a dry-pipe system is filled under pressure with air or nitrogen rather than water.  When a dry-pipe sprinkler head is turned on, the pressure in the line is released, and the dry-pipe valve opens, allowing water to flow through the device to the open sprinkler head.  A dry-pipe system has the advantage of being able to be used in buildings where wet-pipe systems can freeze due to colder temperatures. Wet-pipe systems are favored in general because they have faster response times and are more reliable.

Three Key Areas where Inspections are needed in a Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler systems help by containing the fire until the fire department can respond and extinguish it.  For the sprinkler system to function properly, the fire sprinkler systems need to be properly maintained.  This includes testing, inspection, and service to ensure that it operates when you need it.

Fire Sprinklers: While many people believe that fire sprinklers are intended to completely extinguish the fire; their true function is to keep the fire under control. The sprinkler system controls the advancement of the fire to a specific area so that firefighters can fully extinguish the fire when they arrive.

Fire Alarms: Fire alarms also need to be inspected, especially for multi-level buildings.  These systems are essential to let people on other floors or rooms know that a fire has broken out where they may not see it.

Stand Pipes: Although many people don’t think of standpipes or even understand what they are, they are an essential part of commercial fire protection systems that need to be tested annually. The standpipes control the flow of water to the upper levels of commercial buildings. These pipes also provide the fire department connection for their hoses.

Without proper testing, these essential components of the fire sprinkler system can malfunction causing further fire damage to the building.  American Fire Protection Systems, Inc. is here to help its customers properly maintain their buildings with the most up-to-date fire sprinkler systems.  We also have well trained service personnel who inspect, test and maintain fire sprinkler systems so they are compliant with State and Municipal requirements.  Contact us for our more information:

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