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americanfire March 10, 2012 3 Comments

The intensity of the fire accidents that occur at home can be reduced by fire sprinklers.  Fire accidents usually occur at night.  What starts off as a tiny flame can cause total destruction of the place in a few minutes.  Fire sprinklers help to extinguish and suppress the fire thereby buying the family members’ precious time to escape.  Installation of a Fire Sprinkler System protects your family’s life.

A Fire sprinkler system consists of a water supply system attached with fire sprinklers.  Historically,  Fire Sprinkler Systems were used in factories and large commercial buildings.  However, because they are available at cost-effective prices, many homes and small building systems also use them.  Fire Sprinkler Systems provide adequate pressure and flow rate to water distributing piping system.

In case of a fire, sometimes traffic and distance might delay the arrival of the Firefighters vehicle.  Further, in the time that they take to hook up their apparatus to a water source, the fire could spread.  Each second delayed could prove costly and any delay will result the situation going out of control.  Fire sprinkler systems respond automatically and quickly thus minimizing loss to the properly and lives.

The Center for Fire Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology has studied the impact of both smoke alarms and sprinklers in residential occupancies.  Some interesting facts from the study

In homes with fire sprinklers systems alone, the chances of dying in a fire are reduced by 69%, compared to in homes without sprinklers.

In homes with smoke alarms alone, the chances of dying in a fire are reduced by 63%, compared to in homes without smoke alarms.

In homes with both smoke alarms and fire sprinklers, the chances of dying in a fire are reduced by a whopping 82%, when compared to homes without either.

With Fire Sprinklers

  1. The sprinkler closest to the fire activates
  2. Water contains or extinguishes fire
  3. Residents have time to safely escape
  4. Surrounding rooms are protected from fire, heat and smoke damage

Without Fire Sprinklers

  1. Flames grow and spread
  2. Heat and toxic gases spread room to room
  3. In few minutes, the fire becomes deadly
  4. Flashover occurs and the gases and combustible materials burst into flames

A onetime investment can help save your valuable property and the lives of your loved ones.  Contact us today.


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