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Installation of Fire Sprinkler System for Fire Safety - americanfireinc

americanfire April 19, 2012 No Comments

What is Fire Sprinkler System?
A fire sprinkler system is a tool designed to protect lives and properties it is supposed to provide 24/7 protection against fire emergencies.  Fire sprinklers are connected to a water distribution system with adequate pressure and flow rate. In the beginning,  Fire sprinklers were used only for large commercial buildings, and factories.  However, now, fire sprinklers are in use for homes and small building at a very cost-effective price.

Old homes/commercial infrastructures need to install sprinkler system so that they can protect the lives and properties of the residents.  Ever year many lives are lost in fire accidents, due to the absence of basic fire sprinkler system installed at their premises.  It is important to have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to ensure safety, when there is a fire.

How to install Fire Sprinkler System?
Without professional help, installation of a fire sprinkler system is a complicated procedure.  Several holes need to be drilled through the ceilings/walls, wall demolition, and pipe fitting as part of the installation process.  Hence, unless you are a certified fire sprinkler system contractor, do not attempt installing a fire sprinkler system.

Here are a few guidelines while looking to install a fire sprinkler system in your home or business place;

1.Hire a professional licensed contractor who can examine home / business premises.  He can help decide on the right type of fire sprinklers to install.

2. Ensure that the person you hire is a licensed contractor specialized in retrofitting of  residential / commercial fire sprinkler systems. Ensure that the contractor examines and inspects the premises.  After initial inspection, based on the measurement of each room, the contractor will determine where the sprinkler heads will go.  The contractor must also check the pressure and flow-rate and device a comprehensive plan to install the sprinkler system.  In case of a drop in water supply pressure, there is a need to install Fire Hoses and Fire Pumps to combat the situation.

3. Holes need to be drilled through floors, ceilings and wall in order to install fire sprinkler system.  Hence, it is advisable to remove wall papers, board, from the wall.

4. The pipes have regular water supply and are made up of fire and heat resistant CPVC (chlorinated polyvinylchloride).

5. It is essential to ensure that all pipe joints are sealed and made watertight to prevent water leakage.

6. Always ensure that sprinkler heads in the corresponding holes in the walls or ceilings are adequately tightened.  The fire sprinkler heads will extend out only a few inches from the wall or ceiling.

How Fire Sprinkler System works?
When a sprinkler operates the following sequence of events will happen:

1. Heat from the fire causes the glass bulb to break.

2. This will release the cap.

3. Water is released onto the diffuser.

4. Water puts out the fire.

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