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Why Fire Sprinkler 3D Designs Are Important for Fire Protection Systems? How to Choose the Best Fire Sprinkler Design Software - americanfireinc

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Fire Sprinkler Designs using a 3D model or Business Information Modeling (BIM) provides more detailed and precise drawings to improve ease of construction planning, visualization, and coordination. An accurate 3D depiction of the design is necessary to analyze the project and build the system. A decent fire sprinkler design software helps you to boost your flow and production while keeping your job error-free. These tools assist designers in executing hydraulic calculations and managing 3D pipe with CAD capabilities, automated insertion of couplings and hangers, ability to configure terminals flow and pressure, and more.

Fire Sprinkler 3D Designs

Advantages of using the Fire Sprinkler 3D Design Tools

  • Efficiently distribute Fire Sprinkler Heads in accordance with the coverage area.
  • Choose the best routing of your system by visually-depicted routing options.
  • Pre-calculate pipe diameters to meet national or company standards
  • Modify fire protection system at any stage of your project
  • Run clash analysis between different parts of fire protection system and other elements in the model
  • Intelligent Modeling. Construct any 3D pipe for your sprinkler designs.
  • It increases Productivity and Speed. Smart Sprinklers automatically places sprinklers and route the pipes from sprinklers to distribution pipes. Pre-calculates sizes for range and distribution pipes according to various specifications (ISO, AS, NFPA, etc.).
  • Settings to save for future projects and it allows easy recreating of sprinkler layouts and analyses to fulfil standards or transition between them.
  • Connection to the system is automatic.
  • Interference detection integrated.

Choosing the Best Fire Sprinkler System Design Software

There are several software tools available for 3D modelling. Here are some tips for choosing the best software.

  • Exact depiction: It is critical to have software that considers the 3D environmental factors present on-site. Some tools do calculations based on the pipe elevation. A complete 3D depiction will enable to view all the pipes, pumps, and fittings in their entirety and do a far more accurate evaluation of the system.
  • Automatic calculations: It is critical to double-check all of your data throughout the project design phase. If the software’s automated calculations are error-free, it will save huge time and make the process hassle-free in moving on with the project.
  • Verify compatibility and requirements: Most CAD software tools are resource-intensive applications that need system requirements to function effectively. Therefore, before making a purchase, verify that it is compatible with your system and, if feasible, test it on your system to ensure that it can handle the workloads you anticipate.

Some of the most prominent software in the industry include:

  • AutoSprink: When it comes to fire sprinkler design software, AutoSprink is the market leader. Although this is a paid solution, one may obtain a demo to evaluate it for their own Fire Sprinkler System Designs. AutoSprink is used to create drawings, hydraulic calculations, stock listings, and coordination for big commercial construction projects.
  • SprinkCAD 3D: From the design of fire sprinkler systems to sophisticated hydraulic calculations, SprinkCAD 3D can handle it all. It is an incredible BIM package that enables experts across sectors to design fire sprinkler systems that are safer, more efficient, and cost-effective.
  • FireACad: FireACad is one of the most widely used software packages for fire sprinkler designs. If you’ve used SpinkCAD or AutoSprink in the past and are seeking a replacement, FireACad provides comparable functionality at a more affordable price.
  • Stabicad Sprinkler is a new Revit sprinkler module that enables users to build and evaluate fire sprinkler systems. It is capable of designing and placing several sprinklers with any required connection and doing a hydraulic calculation based on the drawing.
  • Canute FHC: Fire protection experts throughout the globe rely on FHC Hydraulic Calculation Software to build the most difficult fire protection systems to international standards. Additionally, the tool complies with all current industrial norms, including EN 12845, BS 9251, FM Global, NFPA 13, NFPA 750, and LPCB / BRE.

American Fire Protection Systems has an in-house professional design department that is equipped to create fire sprinkler systems that meet various requirements while adhering to National Fire Protection Association standards, local and state building laws, and insurance underwriter requirements. For any Commercial and Residential Fire Sprinkler Installations in Los Angeles, Contact Us.

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