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What are the Common Causes of Workplace Fires? How to Prevent Workplace Fires with the Help of Fire Fighting Agencies? - americanfireinc

americanfire July 13, 2016 No Comments

Companies are losing billions of dollars per year in the form of property damage, loss of productivity, ruined or broken equipment, and greater coverage payments due to fire related incidents. According to the Municipal Association Risk Management Services (MMARMS), there are approximately 70,000-80,000 commercial fires each year. The sources of such fires are distinctive in nature. The occurrence of such incidents led many companies to install fire protection systems at workplaces to prevent such unforeseen incidents.

Here are a few such causes which triggers fires in commercial premises as well as a few tips to prevent such occurrences.

Mechanical friction: Improperly maintained or cleaned mechanical equipment are sources of fire.
Tip: It is advisable to keep such equipment safely lubricated, and properly aligned. Also, look into conveyors, and cell device. Always, maintain it cleaned and free from accumulations of combustible material.

Cooking equipment: Microwaves, coffeemakers, and stoves are causes of fires.
Tip: To avoid such occurrences, it is better to make sure that all rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. Also, never leave cooking unattended, and follow microwave instructional materials carefully.

Electrical: Misrepresented, overloaded, damaged, or improperly maintained electrical equipment is a common cause and challenge to fire protection system at workplace.
Tip: Do not go away cords coiled up when plugged in. Only use extension cords for temporary power for equipment in use. Use multiple outlet strips for laptop equipment, not for appliances or different electric equipment. Avoid overloading circuits.

Smoking: If you happen to still permit smoking for your facility you may want to rethink. Unauthorized smoking or terrible setup of smoking areas can put everyone at chance for fire.
Tip: Keep a control over smoking area

Heating equipment: Improperly fixed, operated, or maintained furnaces may cause huge fire, and may reduce effectiveness of fire protection system. Each furnace or heater has minimum clearance distances on either side and above and make sure to hold fabric and constructing accessories away from this discipline.
Tip: Do not store flammable material in furnace rooms. And do not use quickly heating materials in public buildings.

Housekeeping: Negative housekeeping practices are a common cause of fire.
Tip: Prevent excessive storage of boxes and different combustible fabric. Make sure stored fabric never blocks exits, walkways, electrical panels, or emergency equipment.

Proximity risks: External risks of buildings, similar to other constructions within 100-200 feet of your site. Other risks incorporate neighborhood fuel tanks, dumpsters, and weeds, grass, and brush.
Tip: Look for such risks and take preventive action

Other risks: Take further precautions in case you have cutting /welding and different boiling work that can produce flames, slag, or spark.

Here are set of actions to avoid office fire incidents;

• Clean up spilled oil, fuel, and other flammable liquids in time.
• Install well equipped, updated fire protection system at workplace. and employ well certified fire extinguisher on the premises.
• Prohibit cigarette smoking inside. Alternatively, place a self-extinguishing waste bin outside for people who smoke to make use of.
• Ensure that electrical wiring installation and maintenance done by a licensed electrician.
• Preserve flammable chemical substances and beverages stored in a fireproof cupboard.

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